3 Secret Tips on How to DJ a Yoga Class

3 Secret Tips on How to DJ a Yoga Class

Being a DJ in a Yoga class isn’t an easy feat, especially when you are used to festivals and clubs. Mixing songs while the practice is going on means focusing not only on your music but also on the teacher and the energy level in class. The most important thing is to know the right music the class needs and when to reduce, lower the volume or pause. If you are hoping to be a great DJ at a Yoga class, here are some tips.

How to DJ a Yoga Class

  1. Duck to make room for the teacher

Even though mixing songs will help create the energy needed in class, teacher’s instructions are more important than listening to music. You don’t want to find yourself in a situation where the teacher has to shout at you to lower the volume so that he or she can talk. But at the same time, you want your mixing to be exciting.

If you want to avoid confusion, use live ducking to create some room for the teacher. Watch out when the teacher is about to say something and duck the levels of volume by approximately, 30%. You can then increase it when the teacher is done talking to bring back the energy. You can also make use of filters or faders to create a room or select music that doesn’t have many different frequencies.

  1. Have a plan for your mixes

While ducking will help at some point, it is not an easy task. If you can plan some parts of your mixes earlier, the better. It will be much easier if you plan a series of sequences so that you can customize how they are arranged to flow with the class.

You can create a single playlist having approximately 40 songs that you’ve selected for that day, or have several of those songs to mix. Doing this will make it easier for you to focus on what is taking place in the class.

  1. Join the class

The best way to understand what the class needs is, to join them. Keep in mind; it isn’t a disco. So, familiarize yourself with the practice, particularly when there is an instructor or try attending classes that have DJs. Doing this will help you realize the music style that works for yoga.

While in the class, you will become aware of the music you need to play, when to go intensive or when to slow down and have some relaxing time. Most probably, this is what your DJ won’t notice because he or she will be focused on making his or her music flow. You will also learn the different styles of yoga and the flows that might work well for them. If you are a home body, try weight loss yoga for beginners dvd – best yoga dvds.

Also, keep in mind…

  • Talk to the teacher before the class – No matter how good your DJ skills are, it is likely you will conflict with the teacher’s program. The best way to avoid this is, to talk to the teacher and find out how she has planned her class.
  • Choose the right songs – As mentioned earlier, a yoga class is not a disco. Playing any music might not work well. So, look for songs that inspire yoga in one way or another.
  • Don’t be afraid to go slow – If you are used to being DJ at discos, you might find it awkward working with slow music. But that is what yoga students and teachers want. In fact, the larger percentage of your mix should consist of slow music.
  • Practice – If you’ve never been a DJ at a yoga class before, it might be hard to adapt to the style needed. So, practice.
  • Learn from other Yoga DJs – If you want to be one of the greatest Yoga DJs, you’ll need to take some advice from someone who has the experience, and no one can offer you this better than an experienced Yoga DJ.

The final words

As a DJ you are supposed to control the class with your mixing. Keep in mind; music is intended to motivate the student’s to work harder, improve their focus and balance, clear their thoughts and most importantly, help them transition from one pose to another. So, ensure that you’ve selected the right music, know when to go high and low and most importantly, focus on the teacher.

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